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How a Real Estate CRM software can help you take your business to the next level

We all remember the days when internet was a mysterious tool that was only accessible in libraries or public buildings on slow dial up modem connections.  Nowadays it is a critical part of modern life – both at home and at work.

The internet has certainly improved the way we conduct our business affairs. Everything is more efficient and people and resources are so much more accessible thanks to the immediate connectivity the internet offers.

Numerous industries such as the financial services sector have been changed beyond recognition thanks to the internet. For example, many “FinTech” (financial services technology) advancements have been made over the past few years with hundreds if not thousands of FinTech companies sprouting up to offer internet services to the financial services community. Indeed there has been a huge wave of digital disruption in the FinTech world recently that has reshaped the entire sector.


FinTech vs PropTech

On the other hand, the Real Estate sector is still in its early stages of adopting technology and the web. The term “PropTech” is starting to be used (we at RealSpace attended a very informative PropTech conference in London earlier this year) and a handful of companies have in recent years started providing internet technology services to the real estate sector. However the level of adoption of property technology by real estate professionals still remains relatively low compared to other sectors.


Online CRM and business management software tools for real estate

Real Estate Agents and Brokers are only recently starting to appreciate and understand how adopting the latest in technological advancements can help them improve their day-to-day business activities. As an example, previous offline business processes, such as generating and following up with leads, can now be taken online and automated to improve efficiency in nurturing and interacting with prospective buyers, landlords and tenants.

Similarly, with the increased usage of property portals as the starting point to search for a new home, it is becoming more and more critical for real estate agents and brokers to make sure they have exposure for their listings on as many of these sites as possible. This is where listing syndication tools offered by real estate management softwares can become integral and vital to a real estate professional’s business.

Those agents and brokers who have already started adopting technology to help them in their day-to-day activities have quickly realised the many benefits that this can bring to their business.


RealSpace software offers a unique all-in-one platform for agents and brokers

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 14.34.35We at RealSpace have dedicated the past 4 years to product development to bring to market a real estate software that addresses all of the critical issues that – when made more efficient via the adoption of internet technology – can make a huge impact to a real estate agent.

Our ultimate goal at RealSpace is to change the real estate industry for the better for all stakeholders: agents, brokers, property managers and developers (our clients) and end users: buyers, owners and tenants.

Through various intuitive and market leading innovations such as workflow automation, drip marketing, real-time data syndication between portals and software, automatic rating and quality scores for listings and leads, transaction timeline and compliance management and so much more, RealSpace offers a complete software solution for the real estate industry.

We believe that the real estate industry is set for a huge disruption and improvement over the coming years and we at RealSpace hope to be at the forefront of this new chapter in the evolution of real estate products and services.

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