4 Ways Your Real Estate CRM Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

All-in-one solutions boast key features others don’t!

What does the modern real estate agent have in common with Hercules? If you remember your mythology, the second labor of Hercules was to battle the Lernaean Hydra, a fearsome serpent which grew two heads when one was cut away. So every time he went to complete his task, Hercules’s job got harder.

In similar fashion, realtors today are juggling a dizzying number of software platforms that are taking a bite out of their productivity. How so? Real estate organizations are using CRM software, transaction management software, email marketing software, drip marketing software, website hosting, viewings management software, comparable Market, analysis software (CMA), phone dialer software, SMS marketing software … and more “solutions” are released every day.shutterstock_527692648

But like heads on a hydra, numerous platforms are sure to multiply problems for realtors. The challenge is how to use technology effectively – without creating more problems than are being solved. How can we remain productive and efficient when having to split our time between so many tasks?

Enter the all-in-one real estate CRM: Today, we’ll discuss four key features that make our all-in-one real estate CRM an effective replacement for that overwhelming swarm of solutions. Yes, we’re going to show you how to thin out your software stack, how to increase agent efficiency and productivity, how to minimize headaches, and why you can increase your sales potential with an all-in-one real estate CRM.

When agents aren’t doing endless battle with technology, they can focus upon achieving Herculean sales numbers.

Why an All-in-One Real Estate CRM Increases Productivity

Like Hercules confronted by more heads than one, no one likes to feel overwhelmed by their tasks. The irony of software solutions is that in setting out to solve a problem, they create another task: learning and managing the software. Those tasks, on top of managing listings and meetings with customers, add up to a chaotic workflow for real estate agents. Today we know that multitasking is not only less efficient, but our brains can’t multitask at all. So it’s impossible for agents to work across multiple platforms at once and be productive.

And it’s no secret that task-switching cuts into productivity. Whether it’s changing software interfaces or work spaces, the brain only operates effectively and efficiently when grooved into a single environment. “Mental juggling” such as the kind involved in changing technology interfaces causes task completion times to increase specialty. Adjusting to  another interface is effortful and inefficient for the brain because it needs to remember where it left off and where to begin again, according to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

So the challenge for the modern realtor is how to work smarter instead of harder – even with all the new technology available. Now let’s look at four key features that an all-inclusive real estate CRM offers that are proven ways to save time and net productivity, all within one interface.

#1 Transaction Management

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“In order to make it in the real estate world, brokerages need to constantly find innovative ways to use tools to streamline their business processes.” — Tim Proschold, VP of Group Strategy & Success at Sereno Group

To keep your deals on track, the real estate CRM provides a custom dashboard for managing all aspects of your transactions. This centralized system lets your team access all relevant data and monitor progress in a timeline view – a clear visual roadmap for each deal, complete with dates and tasks upcoming. Use the paperless module to store key documents and signatures, then assign these documents to staff or agents with an automated workflow for immediate attention. Having a sequential action plan enables your team to perform their best by setting, following, and fulfilling the plan.

Transaction management not only keeps deals moving forward, but helps with bookkeeping and performance too. Review the automatically calculated commissions. Then assemble reports from all relevant data points, useful for assessing individual and team performance. With the central data storage and analysis from your real estate CRM, you stay up to date with your business essentials.

#2 Phone Dialer


A real estate phone dialer is a crucial tool for effectively calling leads. While most communication will be automated by your CRM in the form of drip email, the follow-up process should include a human touch for best results. The phone dialer technology within your real estate CRM solution offers a handful of benefits:

  • Save time when calling large volumes of people
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemails
  • Optimize and speed up prospecting and qualifying
  • Minimize dialing errors by making calls from within your real estate CRM
  • Avoid phone-time burnout and preserve energy for customer relations

According to the Lead Response Management Survey conducted by MIT Professor James Oldroyd, the best day to contact a weg-generated lead is Wednesday or Thursday. And Thursday was found to be the best day to call and qualify a lead. To maximize calls received, call between 4-6 PM or 8-9 AM. Oldroyd also found that the odds of contacting a lead within the first five minutes – as opposed to the first 30 minutes – is 100x higher. We can see how using a phone dialer to optimize call volume and maximize calls received is a surefire way to increase lead conversions and sales opportunities.

Because you can dial and leave messages via phone is done via the CRM and without laboriously dialing numbers, your agents can call more leads and spending time taking notes. A more productive call process is ensured. Plus the CRM stores calls logged to help you track prospects and customers progress through your funnel.

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#3 Workflow Automation

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If you’re familiar with Parkinson’s law – the psychological principle that a task will expand to fill the time allotted to it – you know that defining a timeline and expectation for a task is crucial to quick completion. Accurate and intelligent workflow automation allows you to streamline agent processes surrounding a wide array of tasks. Simply outline when and how to complete the necessary functions and in what order. The benefit is that countless small task don’t get lost in the storm of daily work while time-saving efficiencies are guaranteed. That’s the power of custom workflows.

Need to outline best practices and define goals for client interactions? A well-defined workflow guides agents to successful interactions every time. Aiming to streamline content creation for higher-ROI marketing? Create a workflow to guide your marketing team and ensure marketing materials are top-notch every time. You’ll empower your marketing efforts if you define when and how agents should follow-up with qualified leads once engaged with your CRM-triggered and targeted marketing messages. Looking to cut work time in the back-office procedures? Simply provide a walk-through process to steer your employees and ensure optimum productivity across any number of processes. Automate custom workflows for your agents and watch their efficiency skyrocket and task completion increase.

“With the concept of workflows — series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a person’s behaviors or contact information — all of this is possible. Workflows go beyond email and take simple marketing automation to the next level, allowing you to send emails, update contact information, add or remove contacts from lists, and trigger email notifications.” — Pamela Vaughn, Hubspot

For more marketing processes, like sending personal emails to qualified leads, agent notifications enable swift and agile responses to enable more sales. An all-in-one real estate CRM will automate your drop email marketing, but only with total workflow automation can you maximize your lead response times and secure all those qualified leads in the optimal time frame.

Be sure to automate your listing management for estate agents. Each agent will have a list to perform when a new listing appears. By automating this workflow for agents, automatically generated task prevent anything from slipping through the cracks while steering overall task completion. And expect team collaboration to increase as everyone understands what’s expected at this phase of the day and the sale. Workflow automation also lets you close a deal and complete follow-up tasks in on action. At the end, workflow automation takes the countless small tasks and compacts them to increase operational efficiency. And frees agents to spend time developing relationships with prospects and customers.

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#4 Website Management

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“It’s vital that you design an experience for your user that fits their desires. If you fulfill their desires, then they’ll become more prone to turn into a customer. And that’s the objective.” James Nogas, MuzeMultimedia

Your website is the face of your company and the hub of all your marketing efforts. Visitors today expect mobile responsive, intuitive, and consistently branded company web page. According to Adobe’s State of Content Report, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the design is unattractive. This means that your real estate agency must take a serious interest in sustaining a user friendly and always-ready website in order to guarantee optimal sales.

Real estate agents know that pictures sell properties. Website design is a key way to ensure your customer journey is an appealing one. Prospects and buyers will return to your website many times, via drip marketing emails that link back to the website, to paid ads that arrive at a specific landing page. To win sales, every aspect of your web presence must be aligned to showcase your best face at all times.

Estate agency software enables you to craft ad sustain ‘Wow-ing’ web pages with ease. Full-featured websites are created to include an intelligent search engine, real-time synchronized property listings, recommended properties triggered by lead personalization, and a full content management system. The best real estate CRMs integrate key functionalities of other marketing platforms.

Select from a range of customizable templates optimized for any device. Templates allow you to boldly showcase your brand identity while making user experience on your site intuitive and rewarding. Whatever your objective – single property features, map positioning, search prioritization, list view, agency – a full roster of flexible, valuable templates enables your web presence to be truly effective and flexible. This is what empowers your marketing initiatives and brand image.

The customer journey must be seamless, so communications across all channels must be printed properly. Fortunately, Real Space allows you to apply your corporate design to all marketing materials as it aligns to your current choice of web page. From brochures, letterheads, email templates, and more – the modern real estate CRM adds the finishing touches to client-facing communication that ensures your organization shines amongst the rest.

Exclusive Bonus: Download the 3 Reasons Every Real Estate Agency Needs a CRM to see what you’re missing out on!

Last Words

If your technology stack requires a Herculean effort to manage, it’s time to consider an all-in-one real estate CRM. Or perhaps your marketing and product have taken a slump and want to empower your team and your initiatives with one fully functional solution.

Multiple solutions are costly up front costs, sure. But science confirms that employees switching between platforms costs your organization in man-hours and hampers productivity. All-in-one estate management solutions are built precisely to save time, increase productivity, and boost efficiency all from one ready to use dashboard.

You should expect features like marketing automation, website design and management, content creation and branding, phone calls, and transaction management. Only the latest generation of real estate CRM technology includes everything your real estate organization needs to compete and be successful.


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