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February 2017

New Features Roundup – February Edition

Here’s a quick overview on our latest product updates we’ve been working on over the last week to improve your RealSpace experience.

Broadcast Email to your Team

Want to send out an important announcement or message to all your users? The broadcast tool allows you to compose and send a quick email to all your active users in RealSpace. If your company has branches, you can even select to broadcast your message to individual branches rather than every user.


Shortcut to create a new Transaction / Deal

Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Now you can quickly create a new transaction/deal directly from the listing module, and we auto-populate as much information as possible.

Shortcut to create a new Transaction

Share Document Templates across Branches

We believe it is essential to collaborate and manage corporate document templates, especially across multiple branches of an organisation. Seamlessly share your document templates with any or all branches, assuring a global document library is always maintained within your organisation.

Share Document Templates across Branches